Sunday, 15 April 2012 13:49

Resolutions adopted by the Bishops of England and Wales at their Plenary Meeting

The following resolutions relating to Catholic education were unanimously adopted by the Bishops of England and Wales at their Plenary Meeting in Leeds this week.

Fair Funding for Catholic Schools

At a time of great change, and as we consider how our schools can best serve the Common Good, the Bishops are grateful for the continued support of the Secretary of State for Education for Voluntary Aided schools. However we strongly urge HM Government to ensure that children being educated in Voluntary Aided schools are not disadvantaged, financially or otherwise, compared with other categories of schools. The Bishops' Conference instructs the CES to strive to obtain from the Secretary of State an assurance that Fair Funding principles will continue to apply to all Catholic Schools in the state sector.

Academic Standards in Catholic Schools

The Catholic Church in England and Wales is rightly proud of the high academic standards achieved in so many Catholic schools. However it is aware that some schools fall short of the standard expected by both Government and Church (cf. Can. 806 §2). Therefore the Bishops' Conference mandates the CES to develop strategies alongside Diocesan authorities and within the wider Catholic sector to ensure that Catholic Schools in difficulty can be helped to improve rapidly so as to offer an excellent Catholic education to our children.

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