Continuous Service Date

Please state the date from which the employee's continuous service started for the purposes of calculating statutory entitlements

Expiry Event

Please state when the fixed term or temporary contract is due to expire. This may be reference to a specific date or, where it is a temporary contract where the end date is unknown, by reference to a specific event e.g. completion of a project

Duration Additional Information

Please state any additional information relevant to the duration of contract. Where there is none, please leave this blank

Midday Supervision

Please state if the employee is required, as part of their contractual obligations, to provide midday supervision


Please insert the employee's gross annual salary

Payment Method

E.g. BACS/direct credit transfer etc

Lunch Break

Please state the length of the employee's lunch hour, if applicable

Hours of work

Please state the employee's days and hours of work. (This must be entered for all staff)

School Closure Payment

Please state the payment the employee will receive in periods of school closure e.g. full salary, retainer in accordance with the Green Book etc

Hours of Work Additional Information

Please state any additional information relevant to the employee's hours of work. Where there is none, please leave this blank

Other Allowances

List additional allowances or benefits (i.e. anything provided in addition to remuneration and paid leave including any overtime arrangements) as appropriate and any corresponding policies

Job Title

Please precede the job title with 'a' or 'an', eg 'a Secretary' or 'an Administrator'

School Superviser

The person who provides immediate direction and supervision within the school, eg head teacher

Teacher Type

Please precede with 'a' or 'an', eg 'a Science Teacher'

Pay Date

Please insert day of month/week that the employee will be paid.
eg 'the 21st of each month'

Lay Chaplain Pension Scheme

If the Lay Chaplain has QTS then they should usually be enrolled in the TPS

Reason for fixed term

The text you enter will be automatically preceded with 'due to'.

Length of contract

Enter, for example, '6 weeks' or '6 months'.

Length of probationary period

Enter, for example, '6 weeks' or '6 months'.

Additional information

If there are any particular conditions attached to the probationary period or if there is a probationary policy these / this should be inserted / linked to here.

Variation in days and hours

If there is to be a variation in days and hours generally this must be stated here in a complete sentence and full details must be given.

Training requirements

If there are specific training requirements please refer to them here and/or provide details of where the relevant information can be found.

Payslip location

Enter, for example, "By logging on to ..."

Specific hours of work

Please state the employee's hours of work, if applicable. For example: 37.5

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From 6 April 2020 workers as well as employees have a right to a written statement of particulars. Such statement must be provided from day one of employment for all employees and workers employed from 6 April 2020. This contract contains the relevant written particulars for employees taking into account the legislative changes coming into force on 6 April 2020 but where you are engaging a worker this contract of employment should not be used. Please refer to the CES model ad hoc contract which contains the relevant written particulars for workers.

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Role Details

School Logo:  
Job Title (ONLY if support staff member but NOT a TA):
Level (ONLY if TA):
Teacher Type (eg science teacher):
Contract type:
Full Time or Part Time?: Full Time Part Time
Days and Hours:
Specific Hours, if applicable:
Variation in Days and Hours:
If the contract is a term-time only contract, please enter the number of weeks per year the employee is required to work:
Term-time only contract, is salary paid over 12 months?: Yes No
Date post commences:
Notice period (months):
Date post expires (if fixed term):
Reason why fixed term:
If fixed term, is contract attached to the provision of support to specific pupils?: Yes No
Reason why temporary:
Length of contract (weeks / months):
Expiry event (if temporary):
Duration Additional Info:
Lunch break:
Acting as Designated Safeguarding Lead?: Y N
Midday supervision required?: Y N
Holiday in accordance with Green Book?: Yes No
Holiday entitlement:
If required, holiday to be agreed with:
Supervisor within school:
Is there a probationary period?: Yes No
Length of probation period (weeks / months):
Probation Additional Info:
Training requirements:

School Details

Address 1:
Address 2:
Is the school located in England or Wales?: England Wales

Employee Details

Employee First Name:
Employee Surname:
Employee Address 1:
Employee Address 2:

Salary Details

Before completing the following questions you must read the section on Lay Chaplains in the "CES Model Contracts of Employment: Contextual Guidance" to ensure that the correct contractual clauses are incorporated to reflect the employer's determinations in respect of salary, pension and other employment terms and conditions applicable to Lay Chaplain posts in the school.

Lay Chaplain

The CES model contracts of employment for Lay Chaplains employed by Governing Bodies of Catholic schools, and those employed by a diocese to work within Catholic schools in their diocesan area, require the employer to make a determination about the terms and conditions of employment before the contract is issued. The model contracts are drafted so that the employer must choose from a range of options relating to salary, pensions and certain other conditions of employment relevant to the particular Lay Chaplain post within their school. This means that, before the contract is issued, the employer must have considered the requirements of the role and the requirements of the employee they wish to recruit to perform the role i.e. the job description and person specification. Furthermore, all decisions to recruit or appoint a Lay Chaplain must involve the diocese and, where the employer is the governing body of a school (as opposed to the diocese), the governing body must obtain the consent of the diocese to the recruitment or appointment of a Lay Chaplain.

In order to assist employers in making a determination on salary, pension rights and other conditions of employment, the CES's "A Guide to the Employment of Lay Chaplains in Schools and Colleges" (2004) is a useful starting point. In respect of determining the level of salary for a Lay Chaplain post, the Guide provides the following useful indicators:

  • The Lay Chaplain should be regarded as a skilled professional.
  • The remuneration of a Lay Chaplain should be pitched at the right and just level, commensurate with the duties and responsibilities of the post.
  • The current view is that the salary for a full-time equivalent Lay Chaplain should not be less than the salary of a main scale teacher.
  • There have been many queries and questions about the appropriate salary scale, and there is no single correct answer. Some employers opt for teachers' scales (this is acceptable, if the Lay Chaplain is a qualified teacher), some for local government scales and others for diocesan scales. The guiding principle is to avoid ad hoc arrangements and adopt a recognised scale, so that any adjustments for periodic increases or annual increments can be applied within an agreed structure.

Taking the above considerations into account, the model contracts can be amended to reflect the position where the Lay Chaplain has Qualified Teacher in which case the STPCD, Burgundy Book and Teachers' Pension Scheme may be most appropriate. In other cases, the employer can amend the contracts to reflect local government employee arrangements (i.e. those adopted for support staff in Catholic schools) including the Green Book and the Local Government Pension Scheme. Finally, the diocese may have its own policy in respect of remuneration and employment terms and conditions for Lay Chaplains employed within the diocese (which may also be applicable where the governing body is the employer) and this is also catered for in the model contracts.

Does the employee have Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)?: Y N
Will salary be in accordance with the main scale of the STPCD?: Y N
Will salary be in accordance with: Local Authority pay scale Local pay scales for chaplains in your diocese
NJC Pay Scale Number:
Spinal Column Point No:
Spine Point:
Other Allowances:
Is salary inclusive of holiday pay?: Y N
Pay Date:
Paid in Arrears or Advance?: Arrears Advance Part Advance / Part Arrears
Pay Method:
Which of the following pension schemes will the lay chaplain be enrolled in?
Does the employer have a written pension policy?: Y N
Closure Payment:
Hours of work extra information:


Does the employer have a staff handbook?: Y N
Location of Sickness Policy:
Enter if other:
Location of Disciplinary Policy:
Enter if other:
Location of Grievance Policy:
Enter if other:
Location of Capability Policy:
Enter if other:
Location of Health and Safety Policy:
Enter if other:
Location of Safer Recruitment Policy and Procedure:
Enter if other:
Location of Safeguarding Policy:
Enter if other:
Location of Disqualification Policy:
Enter if other:
Location of payslip:

The contract refers to Appendices 1 and 2, being the employee's job description and any local, collective agreements to which the employee will be bound. Please ensure that such documents are appended to the contract once generated and are clearly marked as being "Appendix 1" and "Appendix 2", if appropriate.