Model Policies and Procedures

The documents available to download from this page are model policies and procedures for use in Catholic schools and academies.

The CES produces separate versions of policies and procedures for schools in England and for academies situated in England and a version for schools in Wales. They are designed to ensure that the Bishops' objective, that Catholic schools and academies fulfil their responsibilities to preserve and develop the Catholic character of the school, is met throughout the employment relationship.

The CES policies and procedures are designed to cover all substantive issues that can arise in a school environment. Models of this nature cannot cover matters that arise which are specific to local circumstances. Whilst schools, in order to comply with the Bishops’ requirements, must adopt the model policies as published by the CES, they may need to be adjusted to meet the specific practical needs of the school and its workforce, in consultation with both staff and local union officials/representatives. Schools are required to seek approval from their diocese when any CES document is amended.

For example, these amendments may include a local agreement in relation to the maximum number of objectives in an appraisal cycle or even inserting additional school level procedures such as a pay review.


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