Education Sunday - 8 September 2019

Education Sunday – 8th September 2019

‘Form and Flourish’

Did you know that Education Sunday is one of the oldest Days of Special Prayer in England and Wales?

To help you celebrate this special occasion the Catholic Education Service is providing a range of resources.

The resources include -
• A letter of support for Education Sunday from Bishop Marcus Stock
• A guide for schools and parishes
• A colouring in sheet for schools and children’s liturgy.
• A poster

A CES/WW 'Form and Flourish' gift for Primary School Pupils

As part of this year's 'Education Sunday' initiative, The Wednesday Word and The Catholic Education Service have created a ‘free’ resource to help your primary school pupils and their families continue to ‘form and flourish’ – to reach their full potential in Christ – through a special Family Time together.
If your primary school does not currently receive The Wednesday Word leaflets, but you would like to receive a free pack of leaflets for the Liturgical week which starts with Education Sunday, then please contact:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before Friday 19th July 2019 and please remember to include in your e-mail:
1. Your school's full name and address with postcode
2. The number of leaflets you would like for your pupils
*To see a preview of this year’s free gift, please click here: and then select the ‘Education Sunday Legacy offer 2019’ tab at the bottom of the LHS menu bar.

We wish you a blessed and fruitful Education Sunday!